Your Actions Count Be A Responsible Traveller Help Fight Trafficking – Hi travel junkies and everyone!

UNWTO, UNODC, UNESCO and I support the fight against human trafficking on travels.

And, here are your actions count be a responsible traveller help fight trafficking:

01. Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a heinous crime driven by demand. When visiting a foreign country don’t fall into the trap of promoting human trafficking. If you believe that someone is being forced to work against their own free will, are being abused or if you see something that doesn’t look right in a bar, a hotel or a restaurant, report it.

Your actions can make a difference in preventing sexual exploitation and forced labour. Children are particularly vulnerable; make sure you “Don’t let child abuse trave”.

02. Wildlife and Fauna
The illegal killing of protected wild animals and the illegal exploitation of plants and forests are crimes that have a devastating impact on the environment, local livelihoods and biodiversity.

Think twice before buying or consuming something made out of an exotic tree, plant or wild animal as you may be contributing to their extinction or exploitation. Before travelling, familiarize yourself with local exotic dishes which may contain illegal products. Don’t forget that many countries, perhaps including your own, have penalties for those caught trafficking protected wild animals, exotic plants and endangered wood products.

03. Cultural Artefacts
Cultural objects such as traditional carvings, pottery and antiques make attractive gifts, but be sure you are not unwittingly buying stolen or illegally excavated or looted artefacts. Everyday, countless sites and monuments across the globe are pillaged, robbing people of their past. Specialized organized crime networks move and sell these goods. The impact that this can have is irreversible with countries and citizens being denied their heritage and cultural identities.

Make sure that the souvenirs you take home have a documented and legal history aren’t stolen and can be exported. Ask about the origin of what you are buying and always keep in mind your own country’s rich history and heritage and how you would feel if this was taken away from you.

04. Illicit Drugs
Drug trafficking is simply not worth the risk: it is illegal and if you’re caught, you will end up in jail with severe consequences.

Sometimes gangs use travellers as ‘plants’ in order to tip off the authorities and provide a diversion to get through far larger shipments. Also don’t carry packages or items for anyone else as ignorance is no defence against the law.

05. Counterfeit Goods
They might seem like a bargain but most counterfeit goods are neither ethically produced and may contribute to forced or poor labour conditions and high environmental impact. You might think that you are helping a small market or a street seller but behind these there are often criminal interests even coercing or exploiting sellers.

More importantly, your money may end up funding organized crime groups that have diversified their money laundering and drugs businesses with counterfeit goods. Avoid putting your money in the hands of organized crime and purchase ethically while abroad.

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Happy Responsible Travels!

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