Your Mind Free To Wander With Garuda Indonesia

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A video posted by The Travel Junkie (@traveljunkieid) – Very excited to share the images I shot recently in the hotel and the sky with Garuda Indonesia! Happy to be heading to Jakarta for the start of the Java trip tomorrow! After Surakarta I’ll be headed to Yogyakarta and Karimunjawa Island for the ‘we are still wild’ project. Looking forward to being back in Indonesia after a restful holidays at home in Japan. The repetitive motion that keeps your eyes focused but your mind free to wander.

Wet snow kissed morning that made it very hard to say goodbye to #Tokyo.

A video posted by The Travel Junkie (@traveljunkieid)

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving. #Tokyo

A video posted by The Travel Junkie (@traveljunkieid)

And here are our flight in the sky on economic class seat.

Shungiku, shitake, pepper salad.
Buckwheat noodle soup.
Steamed rock fish, grated radish sauce.
Steamed rice and vegetables.
Anko coated sponge cake.

Vanilla bean ice cream.

Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon.

See you in Surakarta!

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