Za Watami Party In Tokyo – We’ve just landed in Tokyo Dome Hotel and while we get ready to travel to our next destination we wanted to leave you with a few photos from a dinner party we spent at Za Watami Suidobashi West-Dori, a remodel from the traditional “Watami” that has been constructing the “Ishokuya” market since 1992. The restaurant interior features Japanese paper, unvarnished wood, mud wall, natural wood and latticework that enhance warmth, nostalgia and comfort. The restaurant offers a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere. We were there for getting to experience traditional Japanese; the perfect combination of music and food.

We had a fantastic time, doing a lot of fun stuff at the Za Watami: going on a tour to see different restaurants around Tokyo, going for dinner with stunning tastes and attending a meet and greet.

After a night full of laughter, music, culture and lovely people its normal to feel a little hangover emotionally. Many thanks to all partners for taking us along on this amazing experience, see you next time!

Za Watami Suidobashi West-Dori
Chiyoda-ku, Misakicho,

And now the question is, where shall we go next?

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