A World of @IndonesiaGaruda Business Class from Sydney to Jakarta for Travel Junkies

a business class for travel junkies | camera Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I have some very exciting news to share!

It was crazy I tell you. The whole experience was just exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

“A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A travel junkie on the plane sees the farmhouse… and thinks of home.” – Carl Burns.

It will be a very exciting trip for me… a few outstanding experiences.

Here’s how my See Sydney to Enjoy Jakarta business class flight went. It was time to go in the ± 10 hours range (direct flight) of Relax Time starts now!

enjoying silent moments on the sydney airport | camera Sony NEX-7

a waltz glacial for travel junkies | camera Sony NEX-7

Simply check-in for business class. After a good 8 minutes, we were finally given our business class boarding passes to Jakarta. We hope everyone has already made their travel plan for this winter.

We used the fast-track lane, which wasn’t busy at all. And, was very EFFICIENT!

We were welcomed by name once we boarded and taken to our seats. The crew went around the cabin offering to passengers as they sat down.

a glass of champagne in | camera Sony NEX-7

our sydney friends from femina and clara. and, seeing life on the other side of a business class | camera Sony NEX-7

our favorite view is out of a business class window: seen here, city of sydney from above | camera Sony NEX-7

It was a spectacular day for flying!!

It was very interesting to see how they introduced themselves to each passenger, to ensure we knew their names and they knew ours. The purser also did the same to every passenger in the business cabin.

And, we were given pyjamas. I was delighted to be given a big size and thought the design was very simply and nice. In term of toiletries, all in a stylish Aigner washbag, which was very discrete and with serious re-using possibilities. The washbag contained decent sized moisturizer and hand cream, perfume and lip balm, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.

mmm super delicious soto lamongan in | camera Sony NEX-7

european modern edge: grilled barramundi, verjus glaze roasted red pepper parcel with whole baby carrots, sugar snap peas, grilled gruyere potato flakes | camera Sony NEX-7

2009 merursault, outstanding white burgundy from the renowned vintners Maison Louis Jadot and modern european edge | camera Sony NEX-7

chef’s cheese board: cobram victorian cheddar, king island camembert and a dessert warm rhubarb and apple tart tartin, macadamia ice cream, granny smith wafers, creme anglaise | camera Sony NEX-7

In dining experience, Garuda Indonesia is providing a western culinary and a vast range of Indonesia’s finest culinary, the richness of the taste comes from fresh and natural ingredient.

And drinks selection, an assortment of fine red and white Australian and French wines, Champagne, liquor, beer, soft drinks is also available as part of service.

What I loved? East meets west culinary with the incredible wines selection, I felt like lucy in the sky with diamonds.

drinking more 2009 white merursault and enjoying the music | camera Sony NEX-7

far away from stress and crowded city life we enjoyed some luxury relaxing days on the board | camera Sony NEX-7

In-flight entertainment, Garuda Indonesia provided 25 music channels, 9 radio stations, 140 music albums with various genres, from pop, jazz, classic to Indonesian music, 25 interactive and fun games.

Oh my, it was so relaxing. I soaked up the moment to appreciate how good we have it. Life is so easy and so rich… we are enormously blessed. I love to travel, but hate to arrive.

a business class is a perfect place to relax between sydney and jakarta | camera Sony NEX-7

immigration on board | camera Sony NEX-7

Immigration on Board (IoB) is a special service created by Garuda Indonesia to provide more convenience for passengers traveling to Indonesia.

With this service, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Immigration, Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Garuda Indonesia passengers on certain long haul flights can complete their immigration process on-board before landing and disembarking. This was actually very cool!

the travel junkie in the sky like a pilot | camera Sony NEX-7

learn about piloting from sir supriyadi | camera Sony NEX-7

our lecture and a guidebook | camera Sony NEX-7

a newfound knowledge of piloting | camera Sony NEX-7

sir supriyadi pose for travel junkies | camera Sony NEX-7

Ola! In the sky between Sydney and Jakarta. I was invited to pilot room. I felt like I was inside a golf cart with super modern touch! I was sitting shoulder to shoulder next to pilot Supriyadi and Nurul Maruti.

And, sir Supriyadi gave me a quick briefing. I was excited about getting an education from pilots. Ooh my GOD. It seemed outrageously extravagant, but also very travel junkies.

This was actually my very first time had a class about piloting in the sky. Like I said, travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning. Okay for the next post, I’ll write this moment more detail. It was AMAZING! Unfortunately, this moment gave me time to get quite nervous.

sometimes there is more to a place than you think. this picture was taken on my seat 6k, before took a sleeping in | camera Sony NEX-7

Anyway, all too soon, I arrived in Jakarta at 4pm, after ± 10 hours direct flight. It was just so cruisey and so cool.

A big thank you to our Pilot sir Supriyadi and first Officer Nurul Maruti did a perfect landing. So, we jumped out like a Garuda.

I was very impressed with Garuda Indonesia service and attention to detail and will surely fly with them again as the national flag carrier named as World’s Best Regional Airline by Skytrax.

It was definitely a fantastic experience that was totally worth it!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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